Haviland Telephone Company is working to bring Greensburg residents up to speed with a three-layer process to provide residents with high speed fiber optics cable in city limits.

Some Greensburg residents are already experiencing the joy of high speed internet as provided by Haviland Telephone Company's new fiber cable, but most are patiently waiting for their turn to get linked into the new internet option made possible by city leaders.
"We've had several calls thanking us for how awesome it is," said Jayci Smitherman, Customer Service Representative and Marketing Executive for Haviland Telephone Company. "Those already online are pretty ecstatic about it."
Several businesses in Greensburg and four or five residents have experienced faster internet service, jumping from 10 MBPS (megabytes per second) to 25, 50, 100 MGS or even 1 G as they become connected to the buried fiber cable in the northwest sector of town.
"We are following a multi-step process to bring faster internet to Greensburg," Smitherman said. "First,  we do site surveys and actually go out and visit with the homeowners who have signed up. Second, we come back and bury the fiber, then third, we splice the fiber into the homes and cut the service in."
Smitherman said Haviland Telephone Company had identified three areas of Greensburg with the highest density of customers wanting better internet service. The area was previously provided internet via wireless service. The northwest sector of town had the most people interested in the buried fiber, so that area of town was addressed first. When the northwest side of town is finished, next up is the southwest zone. A third zone is under consideration.
"Even when all of the zones are complete there will be areas that are not within reach of the new fiber penetration," Smitherman said.
Greensburg residents wanting to know if their zone is under consideration for fiber installation may call Haviland Telephone at (620) 862-5211 or visit their website at portal.havilandtelco.com.