Kiowa County Health Department employees honor retired health nurse with unique quilt.

This past January, when Mitzi Hesser retired from her long-time position as the Kiowa County health nurse, many surprises were ahead for her. The community expressed  appreciation for all her years of service, and showed it in many different ways.
A video was made by the Kiowa County Media Center with friends and family sharing their personal memories of her. Cards and letters came in to the health department for her, as well as a reception was held in her honor. But one final gift was presented to her at the recent open house held in the new health department  office. This gift was a true labor of love from her friends to a lady who gave years of her life to serve the people of Kiowa County.
The quilt was created just for Hesser, and given to her as part of a special ceremony. And this was not just any quilt. At Hesser’s retirement reception held back in January, each guest who attended was given a quilt square and asked to sign it, then several of her friends at the courthouse pieced the quilt squares together to make the beautiful quilt.
The quilt was presented to Mitzi at the open house of the new Kiowa County Health Department located on South Florida Street in Greensburg. The open house was held Saturday, July 27.