Rachel Newell, Greensburg, showed no mercy, even to her husband, Brandon, who also competed in the county fair derby last week.

Rachel Newell went for a little drive last Friday. She took out her 1973 Cougar and ran into another car, deliberately, several times.
Newell and her husband Brandon Newell took part in the Pratt County Fair demolition derby on July 26. When the dust had cleared, Newell had won the competition and was the first woman to ever win the derby at the Pratt County Fair.
The field was small, just six cars, but there was lots of bone crunching hits as the drivers tried to knock each other out of the competition. Newell had no mercy as she rammed her car into the other vehicles including one driven by her husband.
Newell took a hard hit herself and, for a time, the event was stopped while EMTs checked her out while she was still in her vehicle. After a few minutes, she said she was ready to go again and the derby continued.
At the end, it came down to just her and her husband. Brandon’s vehicle wasn’t moving very well and Newell gave it a couple of last hits, but not too hard, and won the competition.
Newell has been involved in demolition derby for four years but this was the first time she had driven this particular car.
She said she got involved with demotion derby because she has four sons and they didn’t want to do things she did so Newell decided she would do things the boys would like to do. Her sons are ages 5, 7, 12 and 15.
Newell received a first place trophy for her efforts plus the congratulations from the other drivers including Brandon who took second place in the event.
Local driver Rance Tucker also participated in the derby.
Following the main event, a mechanics round was held to give crew members an opportunity to test their skills. They used the same cars as the main event but none of the drivers from the main event drove in the mechanics round.
Taking first place in the mechanics round was A.J. Owens of Cullison. Owens car was a 1994 Lincoln Continental owned by his dad Rusty and brother Nathan. This was just the third time Owens had been in a derby and he was excited to get to the next one.