South Wind Home offers open house tours Saturday in Pratt.

The newest addition at South Wind Home Plus, Senior Living Center, will give the staff a better way to answer the question, “What’s Cooking?”
A new gas stove has been added to the kitchen that will help make food preparation better for the staff.
The stove was on display, as was the rest of the facility, during an open house Saturday, June 15. The new stove has six burners and a grill to meet all the resident needs, said Kayle Figger, kitchen manager and CMA.
Figger said breakfast at South Wind Home is cooked to order for residents. The lunch and supper meals come from a set menu but if a resident doesn’t want that meal, they can request something else. Plus, anytime a resident wants a snack, such as a late night grilled cheese, the staff will prepare that too as well as provide fresh fruit snacks any time of day. Having the new stove, the old one was 15 years old, will help make meal preparation more efficient, Figger said.
A family kitchen is also available for special get togethers.
South Wind Home has 12 suites that each include living room, bedroom, bathroom plus each has a porch. Furniture is also provided but residents can bring in their own furniture if they want. Each room has a TV, a fire place, microwave and a mini fridge, said Loyce Covey, South Wind Home operator.
South Wind has lounge areas, game tables with games, snack area, a chair exercise area with a leader on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, bingo on Tuesdays, 24 hour staff plus an outside garden area. There is also a kids play area to help keep children occupied during a visit. A library and chapel are also available.
The facility has a hairdresser and there is a room with sinks and chairs for fixing hair. South Wind has a hairdresser or the resident can have their own come in.
Also available is a whirlpool tub with a lift assist. This makes it more convenient for the staff and residents, Covey said.
Resident Geneva Briggeman said the staff is nice and caring. One staff member always announces herself with a knock at the door and says “It’s me.” She enjoys having breakfast in her room and she doesn’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning. Briggeman said her grandson installed a bird feeder on her porch and she loves to watch the birds.
Briggeman said she loves living at South Wind and the stare makes her feel special.
“Every day is my day,” Briggeman said.
Besides TV in each room, there is a big TV in one of the lobbies. On special days, like the Super Bowl, elections or New Year’s Eve, staff will prepare snacks for the occasion.
Because South Wind Home is in the same facility as Hospice, some think this is a hospice facility but it is a senior living center.
However, if a resident needs hospice care, South Wind will have someone come in and provide that service, Covey Said.
South Wind is a Home Plus facility. Space is limited to 12 residents and the staff gets to know the residents very well and get to know their needs and wants. Some of the residents can still drive but the staff requests they are informed before the go for a drive, Covey said.
Pets can visit the residents but are not allowed to stay on a full-time basis.
South Wind Home is located at 496 Yucca Lane, just off Northeast 10th Street that connects with K-61 Highway north of Pratt Community College.