Christian composer and recording artist Kelcie Exline of Hutchinson shared her music and testimony during a casual workshop Thursday night at The Front Porch, 115 East 4th Street in Pratt.
Affiliated with the Church of the Nazarene Spark United Outreach, Exline, who turned 30 in March, told the gathering of about 50 that she began writing music when she was 10 years old and since then has  composed a song for every chapter in the New Testament Book of James.
“Song-writing turned to more worship for me,” Exline said. “I’ve learned to depend on God.”
Spark United’s mission, Exline said, is to plant house churches.
“We want to reach people who’ve been hurt by the church or have no experience with church and also the marginalized,” Exline said. “Anywhere people are is where we want to be. We are a church without walls.”
The guest artist accompanied herself on guitar and ukulele as she sang selections, including songs from her two current CDS, “Wisdom Waves” and “My Self-Proclaimed Coup.” Both CDs, Exline said, are available through I-Tunes and Amazon.
Exline said Spark United will host a Salt City Block Party at the Hutchinson Mall Parking Lot, south of the TJ Max entrance, from 5 to 8 p.m. Sunday and extended an open invitation to anyone wishing to attend.
Ragamuffin Church is non-denominational and meets every Thursday for supper and fellowship at 5:30 p.m, followed by a program at 7. It is open to anyone wishing to attend.
Abundant Church of the Nazarene Pastor Scott Powell, along with Amanda Wade and First Christian Church Pastor Mike McGovney, led the praise worship songfest Thursday night, accompanied by Josh Powell on bass and Brandon Wade on drums.