PRATT — A new robot is on duty at the Pratt County Sheriff’s Office and is ready to provide a safe alternative in dangerous situations.

The new Transcend Tactical robot can go in areas unsafe to send people because of dangerous surroundings or dangerous people. Water and food can be strapped onto the unit and delivered to someone that might be trapped in a collapsed building, said Pratt County Sheriff Jimmy White.

Undersheriff Max Barrett said the robot can carry up to 100 pounds, including carry gas canisters that can flush out someone deliberately hiding from law enforcement.

The unit has three sets of tracks and three sections that are hinged to give it flexibility so it an travel over rough terrain and go up and down stairs. A camera with infrared capability allows the operator to see where they are going from a monitor built on the control box. There is also a microphone and speaker that will allow the operator to speak to the people next to the robot, Barrett said.

Batteries can last up to six hours if just the camera and speaker are used and the robot doesn’t move much. If the robot has to travel, battery time is about two hours.

The controller can operate the robot up to 1,000 feet if they have line of site. An auxiliary antenna is available for out-of-site operation and is effective up to 400 feet, Barrett said.

Several officers have already trained on basic operation of the unit, and they will take further training on deploying gas canisters.