Caitlin Matile has recently been named Greensburg’s new Convention & Tourism Director and Big Well Manager. The Holcomb, Kansas native was an animal science major at Kansas State University.  
After leaving college, Matile did an internship for Beef Empire Days which allowed her to work closely with the convention and tourism bureau in Garden City.
“I landed myself a job there for about four and a half years,” Matile said. “When this job became available, I applied for it, kind of a stepping stone in my career.”
As the Social Media Specialist/Marketing Director at the Finney County Convention and Visitors Bureau in Garden City, Matile said her responsibility was to market the town to bring in new events which helped them collect the transient guest tax.
“Growing up in Holcomb, I felt that Garden was almost getting to big,” she said. “I wanted to get back to my rural Kansas roots, back to that small hometown feel. I just felt like this was a really good stepping stone in my career path to come, to see what are my capabilities in rural Kansas.”
Matile said whe was excited about the opportunity of marketing Greensburg’s attractions.
“Stacy did a great job in the past and I look forward to continue that on,” Matile said.
Just since April 1, 2019 when Matile started at her new job, over 390 fifth grade students from Liberal have come through the Big Well Museum, the 5.4.7 Art Center, Kiowa County Media Center, and the Kiowa County Historical Museum and Soda Fountain.
“So far I feel like everyone in the community is great at working together and look forward to doing more with the community,” Matile said.
Matile will also serve as  secretary and treasurer for the Convention and Tourism Board and the non-voting city staff representative to the board.