Wheat State Products in Greensburg is the newest business brought to town by resident Mike McBeath and his plan is to assist area consigners and entrepreneurs with buying and selling their wares.

Movie posters covering the windows at the new D.A Tech LLC. business on Main Street in Greensburg are being used by Mike McBeath, owner, to cover up the windows while he does some renovations for Wheat State Products.
McBeath, a long-time resident who came back to make Greensburg his home after helping with the disaster relief efforts of 2007, is expanding his influence in the business world of Greensburg by opening a consignment store style of business with a technology twist.
Wheat State Products will be a place that allows  items to be available for sale world-wide, not just limited to the locals and surrounding areas. It is a virtual reality buy-and-sell online site as well as physical store for new and used products, wholesale or retail.
Right now McBeath said he plans to have the physical store open only on weekends, but customers will be able to view items on a website seven days a week. Local buyers who purchase something can just swing by and pick up their purchase.  Wheat State will assist with shipping purchases from far away.
“My goal is to hopefully have the business in full swing and ready to open sometime before Memorial Day,” he said. “Right now I am looking for vendors who want to get