Four-year college in Haviland meets accreditation goals, joins higher learning commission.

Matt Lindsey, President of the Kansas Independent College Association, announced on March 7, 2019 that Barclay College has joined the KICA, an educational achievement made possible by a long process of meeting accreditation goals.
The KICA has been around since 1976 and works to enhance, develop, and grow non-profit, religiously affiliated college and universities around Kansas. Bethel College, Friends University, and Sterling College are just a few of the other members of this association.
“This means that Barclay College joins the other 19 private institutions in the state to secure the future of private higher education in Kansas,” said Barclay College President Dr. Royce Frazier. “Uniquely, nearly all of these institutions are faith-based institutions.”
Since 1917, staff and faculty at Barclay College have worked tirelessly to prepare students in a Bible-centered environment for effective Christian life, leadership and service. Their goal has been to become “The Lighthouse on the Prairie.”
Last semester, fall 2018, Frazier announced that BC had gained regional accreditation through the  Higher Learning Commission, a process that has taken years to accomplish. This accreditation from HLC opened the door to join the KICA.
There are five requirements to be a KICA member: regional accreditation, non-profit, undergraduate degree offering, in compliance with Kansas statutes regarding open enrollment, and offer the majority of education within the state of Kansas.
Before the HLC accreditation process was complete, BC met four of the five requirements. The only one requirement that wasn’t met was being regionally accredited. After the HLC announcement, the KICA requirements were met, leading to the acceptance of Barclay College into KICA.  
Regional accreditation opens many doors for BC located in Haviland, southwest Kansas. By joining the Kansas Independent College Association, Barclay College staff and faculty build networks with other colleges with similar goals and attributes. They can talk through struggles together, celebrate accomplishments and work to better educate their students.