A Salina man was arrested Thursday for allegedly assaulting a woman on two separate occasions in the same week.

According to a report by Capt. Gary Hanus of the Salina Police Department, the first incident occurred on March 10 when Dylan J. Reid, 29, of Salina, allegedly threw a cigarette lighter at a 27-year-old Salina woman at a residence in the 1400 block of Oak Street, causing her to receive a black eye.

On Thursday, the same female was allegedly pushed to the floor by Reid, received a bite mark and had her breathing impeded when Reid allegedly put his arm around her neck, Hanus said. She managed to get away and as she left the area in her vehicle, Reid allegedly threw a flowerpot in her direction where it broke in the street.

Reid was arrested Thursday on recommended charges that included two counts of domestic battery, one count of aggravated domestic battery and one count of criminal damage to property.