The Headrick Christmas Tree Farm near Mullinville is a no-frills place to take family and friends to find a perfect, all-natural tree for the holidays.

The Headricks Family Christmas Tree Farm, owned by Rick and Hannah Headrick, near Mullinville, continues the near-25-year tradition of providing real trees for Christmas. It’s not just for their family, although the Headricks say they could never see themselves putting up a fake Christmas tree, but for the many people who come and buy trees from them every year.
“It’s a family tradition for people around here,” Hannah Headrick said. “People come and bring their kids, then those kids grow up and bring their children.”
The tree farm opens the day after thanksgiving every year, and stays open until about Dec 20. Hours people can come choose and cut their trees are Monday-Friday 4 p.m. till dark, and Saturdays from 10 a.m.-dark, and Sunday 1 p.m.-dark,  or by appointment at 620-548-2219 (home) or 620-255-6473 (cell) phone.
Trees from Headricks’ farm have traveled as far away as Oklahoma and Colorado. The farm is snuggled between Hwy 54 and US 400 south of the Christian Church in Mullinville. If you don’t know where it is, it might be a little tricky to find, but those that love it,  treasure it as their own little secret. Coming from Greensburg you take 54 and when you see M.T. Liggett’s decor by the railroad tracks just after you go under the overpass, you turn right on 11th street and the farm is the first left. There is no sign on 54.
“People just figure out how to get to us,” Hannah said.  “If you are coming from Dodge on US 400 you would see the Headrick sign and turn right just past the Christian Church on 11th street and the farm is the first right.”
The Headricks’ children grew up on this farm and still work on it when they are back in town. About 500 trees sit on six acres, “ Rick Headricks said.
He bought the place in 1986, planted it in 1987, and sold the first trees from the land about 1994.
 “It was just a wheat field back then” Rick said “This is part of our Headrick Greenhouse business, it just fit with what we do, we grow things.”  
Each year, new trees come in as seedlings, about 12 inches long when they plant them. They water as needed but mostly nature takes its course and the trees take care of themselves. They trim the trees in June. At this time, Rick and Hannah have some trees that are 15 years old. But  the average time they are cut is at about 7-9 years of age, depending on the season.
“We have people who have been buying their tree from us for years,” Hannah said. “It’s fun to see the kids run all over the field as the families try to pick out a tree.”
Rick Headrick will wrap the tree and help get it loaded. He also offers to cut the tree, if needed. All trees are $50 no matter what the size and the real wreaths with handmade bows start at $18.
“We are not a super fancy business, there is no electricity out here,” Hannah said. “If you want the tree shook, well that is only going to happen by hand, and if you plan to pay with credit/debit card you better let us know ahead of time so we can bring the square for the phone. Normally we accept cash or check only.”