The Kiowa County Mavericks recorded a big win over the St. John-Hudson Tigers with a score of 62-8.

The Kiowa County Mavericks ended their football season with an impressive win over the St. John-Hudson Tigers by score of 62 to 8. The Mavericks had six running TDs, two passing TDs and an interception return for a TD. Seven players scored touchdowns or extra points for 62 total points and 435 total yards.

Coach Tye Remy said one of the reasons the team was so successful was everyone was healthy.

“It’s been a while since we have had an entirely healthy lineup. Having all of our guys in place helped quite a bit,” Remy said.

While the team totally dominated the Tigers, the Tigers did have a kickoff return for a touchdown and their only points.

“When St. John broke away on their TD, we missed somewhere around five tackles on the play. You cannot do that and expect to bring down a quick returning like they had lined up,” Remy said.

While the Mavericks had some tough games throughout the season, they continued to perse-vere and had a good conclusion to the year.

“We went through a gauntlet of tough games this year and it appeared to me that we were a little mentally beat up down the stretch. I was glad that we were able to come together to end the season on a high note,” Remy said.

The team was flagged with 10 penalties for 90 yards. Part of the reason was the amount of time the offense spent on the field.

“I felt as though the officiating crew was pretty quick to throw flags that night, which I do not have a problem with. I think that the nights where nothing gets called is harder to deal with,” Remy said.

“Truth be told, our offense was on the field so much last Friday that it gave more opportunities to get called for holdings, false starts and those easier penalties to rack up.”

The Mavericks had 32 total plays in the game and 21 first downs. Cale Thompson had a perfect night passing with 7 for 7 and 158 passing yards and two touchdowns. Eight players scored points in the game. A.J. Owens-14, Cooper Zenger-12, Gage McDonald-8, Cale Thompson-12, Brandon Boyles-8, Rhylan Tedder-2, Ashlind Gumpenberger-2, James Brack-6.

Seven players recorded rushing yardage with A.J. Owens leading the way with 146 yards and two touchdowns, Cale Thompson-42 yards and 1 TD, Koby West-28 yards, Gage McDonald-23 yards and one TD, Caydan Pore-22 yards, Cooper Zinger-13 yards and 1 TD, James Brack-3 yards and 1 TD.

Brandon Boyles led receiving yards with 106 yards and 1 TD, Rhylan Tedder-32 yards, Cooper Zenger-19 yards and 1 TD, Gage McDonald-1 yard.

Ten players recorded a solo or assist in tackles. James Brack-6, Cooper Zenger-3, Gage McDonald-3, Antaeus Behee-2, Eli Francis-2, Gavin Tuttle- 1, A.J. Owens-1, Koby West-1, Colby Tedder-1, Bo West-1.

Gavin Tuttle, Cale Thompson and Brandon Boyles each had an interception.

The Mavericks ended their season with a 4-5 record overall and were 1-3 in district play.