The Kiowa County Mavericks forced a few turnovers but it wasn't enough to overcome a powerful Ness City team that defeated the Mavericks 62-14.

It was a force that just kept coming as Kiowa County were overcome by a relentless Ness City team that just kept scoring and handed the Mavericks a 62-14 loss.

While Ness City was strong, the Mavericks defense did force some turnovers on down and prevented some two point conversions.

“We had a good game plan defensively and forced them to punt early and forced a couple of turnovers. Our secondary gave up some big plays on third down that cost us,” said coach Tye Remy. “Overall, size was our biggest weakness but that is nothing we have not experienced this year so far. When you have no starters over 200 pounds, size is going to be an issue. We still could have executed what we had practiced more effectively, so there is room for improvement.”

Both Cale Thompson and Cooper Zenger completed passes for touchdowns to Rhylan Tedder. These players have improved throughout the year.

“Cale and Cooper are good players and work really hard. Every time I ask something, they are willing to do it. They are the kind of kids that are a pleasure to coach,” Remy said.

The Mavericks offense scored a couple of touchdowns through the air but the ground game needs some adjustments.

“Offensively, we had successes in the pass game, but not much for results on the ground. Cale has an accurate arm when he has time to get the ball were it needs to go and that was where we had success,” Remy said. “Watching film, I am able to see missed assignments and that is where we are going to work from this week.”

The Mavericks take on Kinsley this Friday in the last regular game of the season and the team has work to do to get ready.

“Against Kinsley, we need to be more disciplined. We have made too many mistakes in the last four weeks,” Remy said. “If we cannot stop beating ourselves with missed assignments and penalties, we are going to fail to get better. I know that we are a better team than has showed up in the last couple of weeks, hopefully we can turn it on for our final two games.”


Total Offense: 53 plays for 136 yards.

Passing: 10 of 20 attempts for 110 yards.

Rushing: 33 attempts for 26 yards. Penalties: 6 for 65 yards;

Turnovers: One fumble for one lost.

First Downs: 11 - rushing 5, passing 5 and penalties 1.

Passing: Thompson 9 completions for 87 yards, Zenger 1 completion for 23 yards, James Brack 1 attempt for no yards.

Rushing: Thompson 15 for 24 yards, Zenger 9 for 18 yards, Gage McDonald 2 for 8 yards, A.J. Owens 2 for 5 yards, Tedder 1 for 2 yards.

Receiving: Tedder 3 for 46 yards, Brandon Boyles 2 for 30 yards, McDonald 4 for 28 yards, Zenger 1 for 6 yards.

Tackles: 12 players had 38 solo and 16 assists.

Punting: Thompson 2 for 62 yards, Brack 1 for 38 yards.

Kickoff returns: Tedder 3 for 57 yards, Gavin Tuttle 1 for 2 yards, Brack 1 for no return, Nathaniel Enfield 1 for no return.