Persistent rains continue but cause no further road closings in the county.

Persistent rains in Kiowa County have kept the area wet the last few days but have not caused any concerns about flooding roads.

Jay Schmidt, Kiowa County Road Department, said the county had received about four inches of rain as of 10 a.m. Oct. 9. but there were no reports of flooded roads in the county.

Kiowa County School district had a regular start time Tuesday with no delays in bus routes because of the rain.

In other parts of Kansas roads flooded and schools were closed. In western Sedgwick County, flooded roads caused the Renwick school district (Andale, Garden Plain, Colwich and St. Marks) to close Tuesday.

Delayed starts were planned for Wednesday morning in N. Lyons County and Chase-Raymond school districts, while some schools, particulary in western Kansas were planning to run mud routes only.

Water over roads in Pratt and Stafford Counties brought response in form of barricades and closure signs. Phillip Nusser, Stafford County emergency manager, said there were several places where rising water had crossed roads. No roads were closed but the barricades were in place to alert motorists of the possible danger. Some roads impacted included NE 140th Avenue, NW 30th Avenue, SE 30th Avenue and old highway 50.

Nusser said he would continue to monitor the roads throughout the next several days and advised motorists to "Turn Around, Don't Drown" when it came to water over any roadway.