A blocked punt gave Spearville a short field and was a turning point in the Mavericks 42-34 loss Sept. 28.

Mistakes and turnovers were the keys in the Mavericks loss to Spearville 42-34 in a close fought game Sept. 28, said Coach Tye Remy.

“We left a lot on the field and feel as though we should have won,” Remy said. “Mistakes and turnovers cost us a lot and we still only lost by a touchdown. We out gained them and had fewer penalties. We were pretty disappointed in ourselves this week.”

On the defensive side, the team started out strong but had some problems with the basics.

“We just needed to remember our assignments and stay in position. We had them on the ropes early on with all the momentum on our side and I was starting to believe that we were going to run away with it,” Remy said. “ We had one mistake in the way of a blocked punt that gave them an incredibly short field to work with and that changed the game.”

There were 12 Mavericks involved with tackles during the game. That was a lot of players involved defensively to stop plays.

“It is a good feeling having a high number of players that are not afraid to hit. (Brandon) Boyles started his first game at safety and did a nice job playing both the pass and run. I never like to see a safety being one of the leading tacklers though, that means our guys up front are not having an incredible amount of success,” Remy said. “The improvement that James Brack made from his freshman to his sophomore year is outstanding. He is definitely one of the key players in terms of having success defensively.”

The Mavericks scored five touchdowns and held Spearville scoreless in the fourth quarter. Five different players scored and showed some strong offense.

“We pride ourselves on being very balanced and effective in both aspects of offense. Throughout the year we have involved many different players in scoring and this game was no different,” Remy said. “In the past we feel we have been too predictable with which player is going to get the ball. That is not the case this year. Establishing our rushing attack is essential to opening up every other aspect.”

Rhylan Tedder had a strong game with five receptions for 104 yards and two touchdowns that showed his athletic abilities.

“With Rhylan you can count on him to catch anything that is thrown his way. He runs good routes, has good hands and is an effective blocker. I cannot speak enough to his value to our offense,” Remy said.

Cooper Zenger, Brandon Boyles, Gage McDonald and Rhylan Tedder have become a strong force and have shown growth this season.

“They are all great kids that would do anything you ask of them. I am fortunate that three of four of them will return next season,” Remy said.

Cale Thompson had some problems with rushing yardage but did pass for two touchdowns for 176 yards. But he also had two interceptions.

“Cale needs to work at getting rid of the ball when receivers are open. Sometimes he takes too long making up his mind where he wants to go and then gives up a sack,” said Remy who will be working with Thompson to see the field better.

Kiowa County will take on South Gray at 7 p.m. on Oct. 5 in Montezuma. Remy said the Mavericks will have to prepare for the speed and discipline of South Gray.

The Mavericks ran 56 plays with 17 first downs and had two penalties for 10 yards. As a team they had 311 total yards: Zenger 114 yards and one receiving touchdown; McDonald 102 yards and one rushing touchdown; Thompson 147 yards with two touchdown passes, two interceptions, two rushing conversions and 53 yards on two returns; Boyles 20 yards and one rushing touchdown; Tedder 104 yards on five receptions and two touchdowns.

Twelve players had solo or assists on 71 tackles. Brack had 15 and one sack, Zenger 13 and Boyles 12.