Pratt pup, Quincy, a colorful dachshund owned by Nick and Shannon Squires, is ready for her race-day debut this Saturday at the Stafford County Wiener Dog Races, part of the 29th Annual Stafford Oktoberfest.

Wiener dogs and their owners will be heading en mass to the 10th Annual Stafford Wiener Dog Races at the Stafford County Fairgrounds this Saturday in conjunction with the Stafford County October- fest activities. Joining the dog racers will be Quincy, a Pratt dachshund owned by Nick and Shannon Squires.

As of Monday noon, there were five pre-entries in the annual wiener dog races from Pratt County: Quincy; Remy, owned by Gina Bates; Jax, owned by Amy Jo Turner; Cloe, owned by Jane Mephet; and Chili, owned by Sandy and Dexter Ray.

“We’re excited to be racing our little Quincy,” Nick Squires said. “It’ll be her first race.”

Registration and practice for the event is from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Oct. 6, and race action be- gins at 2 p.m., according to

Julynn Kisner, one of the organizers and a self-pro- claimed “wiener and all- around dog lover.”

“We always have lots of fun,” Kisner said. “There will be a silent auction and raffle. Everyone is invited.”

Nita Johnson of Pratt and Cheryl Kumberg of Sawyer will also be at- tending and they are helping support the fundraising with donations for the raffle.

“It’s a blast!” Johnson said. “Even if you don’t race dogs, you meet great people and make new friendships.”

Johnson said she, Jane Maphet, Melissa Rempe and Susan Helmke are donating a chest, decorated

with miniature dachshunds and filled with all kinds of doggie stuff – collars, leashes, cuddly blankets, toys, dog treats.

Kumberg is donating a hand-crafted item with a Halloween theme and will be bringing her 12-year-old dachshund, Emma, who used to race, but now prefers to mingle and watch, Kumberg said.

Race winners will receive trophies and cash, but the event is really about raising money for selected charities.

In past years, the event has raised $3,000 annually.

“This year, we have a goal of $5,000,” Kisner said. “Proceeds will go to Chasing Tails Rescue, headquartered in Great Bend.”

An out-of-state sponsor, Tito’s Handmade Vodka of Austin, Texas, made a

cash donation, and sent a box of merchandise, including leashes, collars, dog toys, coffee cups, tee- shirts, bandanas, lots of goodies, which are used for the silent auction and raffle.

“In addition to providing the merchandise, Tito’s is also matching dollar-for- dollar the amount we raise on entry fees, the raffle and our silent auction,” Kisner said.

Kisner was a guest on Wichita’s KSN TV last week promoting the races and her dog “Bones” was also a featured guest. Kisner told the story of how Bones was found abandoned and near death in a Wichita alley last Feb- ruary. He was taken to Chasing Tails Rescue and Kisner took him into her family home through Chasing Tails Fostering Program.

When Bones was found, Kisner said, he was missing his lower jaw, and showed signs of gross neglect and abuse.

“Chasing Tails took him from the jaws of death and I completely fell in love with him,” she said.

Now, Bones is a family member, joining three other wiener dogs, including a new puppy, “Betty White.”

Bones will be among the contestants next Saturday. There is no charge to come and watch. There will be bleaches set up and food vendors, but visitors are also invited to bring lawn chairs and snacks.

“Come spend the day with us. Watch and be part of the events,” Kisner invited

Devri Malm, secretary of the Stafford Wiener Dog Races, may be contacted for additional information at 785-820-1191.