The Kiowa County Mavericks got stampeded when they took on the Hodgeman County Longhorns Sept. 21 and came away with a 62-12 loss.

While the Longhorns pulled off 399 yards of total offense, the Mavericks had 297 yards of their own and actually had more receiving yards. The Mavericks did score a couple of touchdowns and there were some key plays that made those touchdowns.

“We were able to move the ball on them from the start. When you look at the stats, we tallied about 300 yards total offense against them and a good portion of that was running the ball, which was our goal,” said Coach Tye Remy. “The biggest difference in the game was the fact that we had five turnovers and we were unable to take the ball away from them. When we did score, it was because we spread the field and took care of the ball.”

A. J. Owens had a good game with 103 yards and scored a touchdown on a 64 yard reception. Cooper Zenger rushed for a touchdown and Rhylan Tedder had 62 receiving yards so the team was able to move the ball against a strong Hodgeman defense.

“We have a lot of weapons and various positions with quite a bit of depth. I have faith in most of our skill players in being able to make plays against anyone,” Remy said. “A.J. is a really solid player and is probably the most versatile in terms of being a good rusher and receiver. Cooper Zenger runs as our fullback and was getting 4-5 yards a carry up the middle. We were establishing control of the line of scrimmage, particularly on the offensive side of the ball, and just shot ourselves in the foot.”

The team has some strong points and some places that need some improvement.

“I am working with a group of guys that are willing to do anything for you,” Remy said. “We are not the biggest team, in fact we will be outsized in most games that we will play,

but we are hard working and tenacious. We consistently work on discipline which entails not turning the ball over as well. We are going to get these problems fixed.”

The Maverick’s next opponent is Spearville and there is one area that is of prime importance for that game and the rest of the season.

“I cannot emphasize enough that we need to protect the football,” Remy said.

Leadership is important for a football team. Cale Thompson had 90 yards passing and was involved in three tackles.

“Cale is incredibly important to the team. When he has a good game on both sides of the ball, it usually means that things are going pretty well for us. We are lucky that we have a good group of leaders across the board so it does not fall on his shoulders but it is vitally important that he is ready to go on Fridays,” Remy said.

Errors are always a concern for coaches but the Mavericks had just three penalties for 25 yards against the Longhorns.

“The penalties were a pleasing aspect of the game for me because they were way down compared to the last couple of weeks. I do not feel like they were at crucial times but I certainly would like the number of fouls to be at 0,” Remy said.

The Mavericks take on Spearville this Friday and they are another tough team in this year’s schedule.

“Spearville is a solid program that has seen incredible success the last few years. We are excited for the challenge as you do not get better unless you play high caliber programs,” Remy said. “It will be interesting to see what we get from them under new leadership this year. Nonetheless, we are excited for the opportunity to get out and exhibit our team against a quality opponent.”

The Mavericks scored twice in the game with a Zenger 10 yard run for a TD and Luke Ballard to Owens pass completion for a 64 yard TD. The team had at 297 total yards with 143 rushing and 154 passing-receiving. The team had three penalties for 25 yards and had five turnovers. On the defense, nine players had solo and/or assists on tackles.