Kiowa County High School presents "Snoopy the Musical" in the Twilight Theater on Sept. 15-16.

Kiowa County High School Vocal Department will present “Snoopy!!! The Musical” this weekend, a production based on the beloved Peanuts gang characters created by Charles M. Schultz and the sequel to “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.” Snoopy!!! The Musical gives a glimpse into a dog’s life, a dog who believes he is human anyway.

Snoopy, played by Greensburg’s Eli Francis, is tired of being told to, “Sit up, lie down, roll over, play dead.” His owner Charlie Brown (Camden VandenHoek) may take Lucy’s advice and trade him in for a goldfish. Lucy, played by Haleigh Raber, always has plenty of opinions to share.

Snoopy’s spirits are lifted by his silent but extremely expressive friend Wookstock (Nathaniel Enfield) who falls in love with a worm which Snoopy compares to falling in love with a can of dog food. Meanwhile, in the human world, Peppermint Patty (Karson Ross) wonders if Charlie Brown could ever love someone with a nose that’s growing too fast in the song “Hurry Up, Face.”

The kids then rush off to school where they are afraid that the teacher will ask them something they don’t know about Edgar Allen Poe. A discussion about what DO I know follows among the girls with Sally Brown (Mallory Powell) singing, “I know now that you can’t bend a cracker no matter how hard you try.”

Linus, played by Ben Stewart, weighs in with all that he knows about the Great Pumpkin rising out of the pumpkin patch to bring toys to all the children around the world in the song, “The Vigil.”

Featured chorus members Alex Friesen, Brooklyn Koger and the rest of the peanuts gang, played by the members of the Kiowa County High School choir Kaiden Brunkow, Charleigh Friesen, Sarah Hubert, Rosalee Libby, Ellery McMurry, Jenna Morford, Hailey Shaffer, Emma Thompson, Cole Woodward and Madison Yost join in as they lie around imagining all of the amazing things you can see in the “Clouds.”

The show continues with charm, wit and imagination through many musical adventures including the show stopping song and dance number, “When Do the Good Things Start,” choreographed by local dance instructor Traci Ballard.

Other community members contributing to this production are technical director Roger Harris, Mike McBeath sound and Alyssa Brown, PR and advertising. Student crew members include Cale Thompson, Rhylan Tedder, William Scott, Casey Erickson and Eli Fulton.

The amazing talent of Dr. Joel Thomas will be featured as the show accompanist.

“Snoopy!!! The Musical,” is co-directed by KCHS vocal teacher Kim Stewart and community member Jan West.

The show will be performed at the Twilight Theatre. Tickets are available online at