New Haviland Friends Church youth pastors seek to change lives.

New Haviland Friends Church youth pastors Michael and Mallorie Scott look forward to welcoming area youth to Wednesday Night Youth Activities beginning September 5. Michael, a native of Bucklin, and Mallorie, a farmer’s daughter from Haviland who grew up in the church, recently accepted the call to change their lives.

“Michael and Mallorie are a great addition to the church and have already been a blessing to the community,” said Haviland Friends Church senior pastor Todd Follette.

The Scotts were approached about accepting the position after the church had been seeking a youth ministry leader for about two years.

“We have a committee of different ages and backgrounds who seek out candidates, and after praying and looking over their credentials, submit a name to the church members for final approval or what the Friends church calls an All Hearts Clear confirmation, Follette said.

“After searching for such a long time, and having no luck, the committee was approached by one of the ladies in the congregation with the Scotts’ name,” Follette said. “She said she had been praying and felt like the Lord had laid it on her heart that the church should ask the Scotts.”

Search committee members were uncertain if Michael and Mallorie would even consider the position because his present occupation was a math teacher in Montezuma, and Mallorie was teaching 4th grade there, Follette said.

“The call came in March after a long day of parent-teacher conferences,” Michael Scott said.

At that time they were caught off guard with the request, but committed to pray about it. Everything just seemed to fall into place and about a month later they were in Haviland meeting with the church and accepting the position, he said.

Their first Sunday was July 29, 2018.

“I have always had a calling to work with youth, that is why I went into the education field,” Scott said. “But when you are in a public school setting you are limited by how much you can affect their lives spiritually. I am excited to walk alongside the kids and help them walk through their life with Jesus as my full-time job.”

Scott said his wife, Mallorie, (nee Ballard) will play a vital role in the ministry.

“She has some great gifts that will be essential to the ministry of the youth here,” he said.

Upcoming events planned include a junior high youth retreat and a spring break short-term mission trip.

“In the future the church hopes to be able to have several youth pastor interns through Barclay College who will work under Scott,” Follette said. “They can glean and learn from Michael’s experience and passion for youth with hands-on ministry experience.”

Both Michael and Mallorie graduated from Friends University, but at different times and didn’t meet until a friend introduced them at a baseball game in Bucklin. That was in 2013, and today the Scotts are married with two children, Everett, 3, and Esli, almost 2.

The church welcomed the Scotts by remodeling the home they are living in from inside out including a playset for the kids.

“We are hoping the Scotts are here a long, long time,” Follette said. “Michael’s teaching background will help coach kids how to succeed in life, handling adversity and successes.”