After 27-years of work on the Kiowa County Historical Board, Nancy Davis retired on Thursday.

Nancy Davis retired Thursday from her position as secretary of the Kiowa County Historical Board. She started her 27-year career at that position in 1991.

Paula Davis, a former historical board president of no relation, asked her to consider serving the community in this way.

“I thought, well I have kept the books for our family business and church, so I thought, I think I can do this too,” Davis said.

Born in Kiowa County, Davis said she was always a Kiowa Countian at heart, even if she did move two feet across the county line after she got married many years ago.

She said her favorite part of the job has been how interesting it was working with a group of people who like her, cared about Kiowa County and were interested in supporting its history.

The historical board was much more active before the 2007 tornado hit Greensburg, however.

“We not only had the board members at our monthly meetings, but 30 or more people would join us because they cared about the community,” Davis said. “After the tornado, the monthly attendance declined drastically, and the board had to basically start over, with so many of the original members and concerned citizens, no longer living here anymore.”

The historical board now meets the fourth Thursday of every month, and until recently, Nancy’s daughter, Cindy Pyatt, was also a member because she saw how much her parents enjoyed it. Nancy’s husband, Vernon, was also a long-time member.

“I have always tried to abide by what the board agreed on,” Davis said. “But sometimes they just wouldn’t let me stay behind the scene.”

Davis said she always thought she was an Indian and never wanted to be a chief but everyone just needs to follow the call God has given them.

Some of the big changes in the society besides the rebuilding after the tornado that Davis was part of, was when the board was given the Round Barn at Mullinville, and had to keep up with the fundraising that was required to maintain a historical treasure.

Health issues for Nancy and her husband this past winter led Davis to consider it was time to end her service with the historical board.

“I just felt like the Lord was leading me to let it go,” she said.

After much prayer Davis said she was thrilled to hear that Ron Clayton of Mullinville was willing to step up and take the position to heart.

“I didn’t want to give up the position until I knew there was someone that would care about it as much as I did,” she said. “The Lord wanted him to take it over. It was all in His timing.”

At a reception held in her honor at the Kiowa County Historical Soda Fountain on August 23, the board presented Davis with a certificate of appreciation for her years of service as well as a gift basket and gift certificate. Davis was visibly overwhelmed with the appreciation shown her. Some guests came from as far away as Wichita.

When asked what she would do next, Davis said she was sure that something else would come along.