Continuing on his 105-county tour, Gov. Jeff Colyer made a stop at the BTI Ag Solutions building in Greensburg to speak with constituents before the election.

Governor Dr. Jeff Colyer stopped in at the BTI Ag Solutions building in Greensburg on his 105-County Tour Friday, August 3. The tour was sponsored in part by Kansas Farm Bureau and Kansas Livestock Association. The governor was about 90 counties into his two-week tour, when he stopped in Greensburg.

Gov. Colyer spent about 30 mins in Greensburg from 2 - 2:30 p.m. He spent time talking to potential voters one on one, listening to concerns about water and renewable resources. Then he gave a short speech sharing that some in attendance may know Lieutenant Governor Tracy Mann, a fifth-generation farmer from Quinter, Kan.

Governor Colyer, a fifth- generation Kansan from Hays, told the crowd he wanted to come back and tour the waterway personally to investigate this water issue further that has been so controversial for so many years.

“I have learned a lot today about the water situation,” Colyer said.

He then committed to making sure a team returned to Greensburg and that he also would personally be back to tour it.

“I want to come and see the waterways,” he said.

He told the crowd gathered at BTI that he wanted to work with the farmers in this area specific to their needs.

“What works for Ellis County or Johnson City, may not work here and I want to work with you,” Colyer said. “Agriculture is essential to Kansas, it is more than 50 percent of the GEP.”

There are some real challenges with that but he said he believed that one way around those challenges is to open up the market for farmers.

“I have been in contact with Indonesia, Israel and Japan and they are interested in more trade with us,” he said.

Colyer said his tour is about doing things, because this state is special, it is about community and about helping neighbors in need. He referred to the 25 war-torn countries where he was volunteered as a surgeon.

“I have seen the worst and I have seen the best and the best is right here in Kansas, when people think of real America, the home of the free, they think of Kansas,“ he said.

Colyer discussed the future of the kids in Kansas. He stated the debate of education has been in legislation for 50 years. He is the 10th governor to deal with the education issue, five being Democrats and five Republicans.

Colyer said he has sat down with the legislature and together they have come up with a plan to add $100 million more a year to education without raising taxes.

“By stair-stepping it in, we will even get some money back,” he said. ”I hope to be able to lower property taxes with that money.”

His plan is to change education to fund areas where the skill set for jobs that stay in Kansas can be increased.

Colyer admitted there are challenges but he is willing to work on those challenges by changing how government works and being transparent in the way Kansas handles business.

In just the six months of Colyer being governor the state’s credit rating has risen for the first time in years, he said.

Colyer was sworn in as the 47th Governor of Kansas on January 31, 2018. He was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives in 2006 and the Kansas Senate in 2008. He was a White House Fellow under President Ronald Reagan and President George H.W. Bush in international affairs.