I am asking for the voters of Kansas House District 113 to vote for Representative Greg Lewis.
In our more recent legislative session, Representative Lewis and 2/3 of the House and later 2/3 of the Senate voted to end the failed tax experiment. Our fiscal ship had become the Titanic, our bond rating was lowered several times, and companies did not rush to Kansas bringing additional population in the form of employees and their families. The failed tax experiment had to end and that is exactly what Representative Greg Lewis and two-thirds of the House and two-thirds of the Senate accomplished by ending that colossal failed tax experiment! Greg Lewis has represented the 113th District in a professional, level headed, common sensical manner in regard to the legislative issues of our State.
Representative Lewis’ opponent is supportive of returning to the days of the Brownback failed tax experiment which nearly bankrupted our state, gutted Kansas Department of Transportation’s bank account to the tune of over three billion dollars, and reneged on contributions to KPERS, the retirees’ benefits fund.
 Mr. Lewis’ opponent is endorsed and supported by the Kansas Chamber and supported by Americans for Prosperity (millionaires and billionaires) which is proven in the mailings we have received.
I ask all voters to consider the opponent’s platform of 1) extending the deer season, 2) further tightening voter rolls (even though a miniscule number have been found ineligible to vote in Kansas’ elections to date, and 3) reinstate the failed tax experiement. Who will represent the interests of the 113th District—a Brownback experiment versus a candidate who represents us and our rural area so well in Topeka, communicates constantly with his constituents, and listens to all and responds fairly to the entire populace of the 113th District?
Please cast your vote for Representative Greg Lewis, a proven leader, on Tuesday, August 7th.
Glenna L. Borho
Pratt, Kansas