Kiowa County High School students will appear in the KCHS production of "Snoopy! The Musical" that will be performed at the Twilight Theatre.

The Twilight Theatre is adding a new style of entertainment to its list of programs, and a world famous dog is going to help make it happen.

“Snoopy! The Musical” is coming to the Twilight this September. This live musical production will feature actors from Kiowa County High School taking on the roles of the familiar Peanuts comic-strip characters including Charlie Brown’s dog, Snoopy, in the title role.

Main characters and cast members are Eli Francis as Snoopy, Camden Vandenhoek as Charlie Brown, Ben Stewart as Linus Van Pelt, Mallory Powell as Sally Brown, Haleigh Raber as Lucy Van Pelt, Karson Ross as Peppermint Patty and Nathaniel Enfield as Woodstock.

This play marks the first time the Twilight will host a live musical, said Alyssa Brown, executive assistant at Twilight Theatre.

Performances will be Sept. 15 and 16. Tickets are $3.50 for seniors and $7 for general admission. Kim Stewart and Jan West from KCHS will be directing the play.

Brown has two students in the Kiowa County school system. When she heard the high school was going to do “Snoopy! The Musical,” she sent Stewart an email as asked if she could help with the production. Stewart asked Brown if she could help with costumes and do public relations.

“I wanted to be a part of it,” Brown said.

Although this will be the first live musical production at Twilight, the theatre is home for many USD 422 productions and other events because the district doesn’t have its own auditorium. The high school costumes are stored at the Twilight that has incredible dressing rooms and a gorgeous backstage area, Brown said.

For Stewart, a music teacher at USD 422, this is the first time she will be director for a play production. She’s glad to be working with Jan West who has more theater experience while Stewart has a vocal background.

This is the first time in many years that students will get to perform in a musical. Greensburg stopped doing musicals before the tornado in 2007 that destroyed 95 percent of the city including the school buildings.

“It’s been a very long time,” Stewart said.

Prior to that, there was a rich history of musical productions in Kiowa County with performances at Greensburg and Mullinville, said Stewart, who grew up in Kiowa County and wanted to do a musical for the kids.

As a music educator, Stewart feels that musical theatre is a special thing. If students don’t experience it in a small setting, some may never get the experience at all.

For their production, they will use the London version of the script and score. It has more songs and more solos than the original. There will be a quartet of students in the show.

Originally, they were going to do “Oklahoma” but found out that Pratt High School was doing “Oklahoma” just a week apart. So the decision was made to do “Snoopy! The Musical” instead because it has great music and is a fun show to do.

“I think this is a good beginning show for us. It’s fun and exciting,” Stewart said.

The cast will be meeting during the summer and be ready for performance in September. There will also be a week-long drama camp at the Twilight in August that will help them prepare for the show.

Since the Twilight shows movies on the weekends, the sets for “Snoopy! The Musical,” will have to be movable so they won’t block the screen during the movies.

Hopefully, this first live musical production will be an inspiration for a community theatre, Stewart said.

The Twilight was built to host lots and lots of community events and this production could lead to more productions.

“Snoopy! The Musical” has a song “Just One Person” that talks about people believing in other people and what that can lead to.

“It’s another reason this show is a good fit,” Stewart said.