Former members of the Kiowa County Senior Center, Carl Conklin and Ed Mills, were remembered with the dedication of a flag pole last week in their names.

The Kiowa County Senior Center was the setting, Thursday June 14, for the dedication of a new flag and pole in honor of former members, Carl Conklin and Ed Mills.
Conklin served in the Army/Air Force from 1942-1945 in North Africa, Sicily and Italy. Ed Mills served as the Kiowa County Civil Defense Director, EMT Volunteer and Fire Department. The flag and pole dedicated was purchased with donations that came in from memorials for both men.
The day started off with the daily lunch attended by the local seniors as well as various members of the Conklin and Mills families. Also in attendance were the VFW President Gary Bartlett of Dighton KS, members of the American Legion, the local Kiowa County EMS and Cub Scout Troop 210. Randy Rinker entertained the crowd more than 75 people with patriotic music as they ate.
The group gathered on the front porch of the Senior Center as the Cub Scout Troop 210 presented the raising of the flag and led  the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Pastor Jon Harrison of the First Christian Church prayed over the dedication. After a member of the Mills family, Kari Kyle, Kiowa County Senior Center Director said a few words, followed by taps played by Chuck Bostian as he stood a few feet away under the shade of a tree.
The crowd returned indoors after the dedication to enjoy a patriotic dessert which consisted of a Jello filled cake, whip cream topping with strawberries and blueberries forming the shape of the American flag. The strawberries were used for strips and the blueberries as stars.
Ceremonial words spoken by Kyle follow:
“We now dedicate this flag, We dedicate it to the memory of Carl Conklin and Ed Mills. We dedicate it to the memory of those in the armed forces who guarded our inland seas and ocean coasts, and fell in defense of the flag. We dedicate it to all the citizens who fought for the authority of the Constitution and fell in defense of the flag. Finally, we dedicate it in memory of all Americans since our country’s beginnings, who on land, on sea and in the air fought for their country and fell in defense of the flag.”
She then asked all those who were able, to rise and bow their heads in a moment of silence in memory of those who served under the flag and to honor the flag itself.
With that the 1 p.m. daily city siren went off and the crowd chuckled as they remembered their friends.