The Haviland grade school is one of 19 from across Kansas selected for the Gemini II project to meet education outcomes set by the Kansas State Department of Education.

The next step in the education journey at Haviland is underway with their selection as one of 19 schools across Kansas to take part in the Gemini II program.

Gemini II: The Space Walk Begins is the latest installment of “Kansans Can School Redesign Project” that was launched in August 2017 by the Kansas State Department of Education. Gemini II is designed to help schools meet the five outcomes established by KSDE to make sure Kansas students are ready for the future when they complete their education.

The five outcomes KSDE wants to measure are: Social-emotional growth measured locally; kindergarten readiness; individual plan of study based on career interest; high school graduation; post secondary success.

As a Gemini II school, the district and students get the opportunity, freedom and resources to explore how other strong districts are teaching and see if any of those methods would be beneficial to the students, said Mark Clodfelter, Haviland Grade School superintendent/principal.

“Even though our teachers do a fantastic job of teaching, everyone can always get better,” Clodfelter said. “The goal of being a Gemini II school is to take a look at the way information is presented and see if there is a way to make it better.”

Schools in the Gemini II program had to complete a series of questions through application and to have at least 80 percent support from the staff, support from the school board and approval from the Haviland National Education Association.The majority of materials for the project will be teacher generated and student focused. There are no additional funds for the project.

The goal is to create an educational environment designed to meet the needs of every student in the district, Clodfelter said.

With the Gemini II program, there will be opportunities for professional development. The majority of the districts professional development comes through ESSDACK in Hutchinson.

The Gemini II districts were announced before a packed crowd of educators from across Kansas at the State Board of Education’s April monthly meeting.

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