Hail pelted an area south of Greensburg May 13 producing a lot of quarter size hail and at least one stone 3.5 inches wide.

It didn’t last long but severe weather rolled though Kiowa County Sunday evening and brought hail to rural areas south of Greensburg.

Wendy Monroe, who lives five miles south of the John Deere dealership, said the storm rolled in around 6 p.m. with hail that lasted about 15 minutes. The largest stone was about three inches in diameter and it was the biggest stone they saw. But the majority of hail ranged from quarter to ping pong ball size and there was lots of it.

“It sounded like thump, thump, thump. The back porch was covered like snow,” Monroe said.

There was just the one large hail stone and it was found in the front yard. Although there was plenty of hail, there was no damage to the property. The metal roof and siding was undamaged and the windows were OK, Monroe said.

Although there was plenty of hail, there was no high wind with this storm and almost no rain.

“We didn’t get much. There was just enough (rain) to settle the dust,” Monroe said.

The National Weather Service in Dodge City had reports from a storm chaser of 3.5 inch hail four miles south southeast of Greensburg at 5:55 p.m., said Larry Ruthi, meteor- ologist in charge.

Further east in Kiowa County, there was a report of 0.38 inches of rain in the Mullinville area. The weather service had received no other rain reports from Kiowa County but Ruthi said the radar indicated there was more rain from the storm. The storm intensified around 5:45 p.m. and had past south of Greensburg by 6:15 p.m. There were no reports of wind damage associated with the storm.

The storm did intensify between Greensburg and Haviland. There was hail up to one inch in diameter with at least quarter size hail east of Greensburg.There was not much wind associated with the storm in Kiowa County, Ruthi said.

The storm by passed Greensburg. Sulenai Trent, utility billing clerk, said the storm went around Greensburg and they got no rain, wind or hail.

A 60 mph wind gust was recorded southwest of Lake City in Barber County from the same storm.