When the Big Kansas Road Trip comes to Kiowa County this weekend Greensburg will be ready.

When participants on the Big Kansas Road Trip make their way through Kiowa County this weekend, they will find plenty to do in Greensburg.
At The Big Well Museum it will mostly be business as usual with tours down the big well, area history to discover in displays and a well-stocked gift store with all kinds of western Kansas memorabilia. Something special in store however, are Big Kansas Road Trip t-shirts for sale at $18 plus tax to commemorate the weekend. The Big Well Museum is also the information center for the Kiowa County part of the weekend getaway. It is also the starting point for bicycle tours of Greensburg, with several special tour bikes for rent.
For those interested in seeing a movie there are several types and times to choose from at Greensburg’s Twilight Theatre downtown. “Barn Raisers” is a free showing at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, while at 4:30 p.m. a special movie premieres created by Kiowa County Media Center. It is called, “Greensburg: A Small Town Reimagined.” This show tells the story of recovery from the May 2007 F5 tornado that leveled the town.
The Twilight offers a special Spielberg movie, “Ready, Player One” at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday and again at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday.
Manager George Ryan said the gift shop and the snack shops are well stocked and if the predicted 5-10,000 people show up, they have things at a level that should last.
“We have lots of popcorn,” Ryan said. “They can’t wipe us out of that.”
The Where’d Ya Find That antique store is heading up a full little treasure hunt of sorts for Greensburg visitors. It’s called the Mad-Dash Drawing and participants have a limited time on Saturday morning to find the eight stores/businesses participating and register in each one for free stuff. The antique store at 148 S. Main Street is offering 30 percent off all purchases, plus additional discounts, plus serves as an information and starting point for the Mad-Dash Drawing.
Those looking for a place to rest or just a slower pace might try stopping at the Kiowa County Senior Center Open House.
“Join us for an Open House on Friday, May 4 from 1-4 p.m. during the Big Kansas Road Trip for refreshments as well as a place to sit and relax,” said center director Kari Kyle. “We will have stations set up for you to try out some of our favorite activities such as Wii Bowling, Shuffleboard, Pool, Cards and Crafts.”
For those who love vintage cars, gas stations and local authors a special stop on Saturday, May 5 (anytime between 9 a.m.-1 p.m. is sure to satisfy. Visit the vintage gas station north of Greensburg on Hwy 183 to see gas station memorabilia, old trucks, Model T's and even take a ride! Four local authors Judi Kirk, Matt Deighton, Jeff Blackburn and Janice Haney will have their books available for purchase.
There are several others significant places to stop when visiting Greensburg, just look for participating signs and take time to visit with the locals. They will be glad to show anyone around and share the area’s treasures.