High winds flipped over a semi on U.S. Highway 54 Tuesday morning near Greensburg.

A semi-truck and trailer, trash, tumbleweeds and a lot of leaves blew over in and around Greensburg where wind gusts were recorded from 40 to 50 mph on Tuesday.
"The high wind just caught him and flipped him over," said Kiowa County Emergency Medical Services Director Rosa Spainhour.
The accident occurred around 10:45 a.m. five miles west of Greensburg on U.S. Highway 54. Spainhour said there were no injuries but the semi blocked traffic for several hours before fire and police crews could get the truck removed from the highway.
At the intersection of Highways 183 and 54 a stop sign also blew down around the same time the semi was flipped.
"We called the state department of transportation and they came out and put it back up right away," Spainhour said.
There were no other accidents reported near Greensburg due to high winds on Tuesday, but blowing dirt sometimes obscured visibility and in several other southwestern counties fires were reported. At one time there were five fires in Kansas with active burns in Clark, Harper, Harvey, Reno and Ellis counties. The smell of smoke filled the air in Kiowa County, carried by the high winds.