Handmade ceramic bowls, originally created for Super Bowl Sunday, are available for purchase by donation at the 5.4.7 Arts Center in Greensburg.

Some people prefer blues and greens, others choose yellows and reds, but with more than 100 hand-crafted soup bowls to choose from each year, there seems to be something for everyone at the annual 5.4.7 Arts Center Soup in Your Bowl fundraiser in Greensburg.
"This was our third year as a fundraiser and we always have a lot of support," said art center President Stacy Barnes. "Unfortunately, it was terribly cold on Super Bowl Sunday this year, and then there were  people who were sick, so we didn't quite get the turnout we usually do."
A lower turnout for the community soup lunch meant that 20 to 30 ceramic bowls are left over and may be purchased directly from the center for a suggested donation of $10.
"We hope that people will actually donate more," Barnes said. "A lot of time and work actually go into the bowls and they make a great investment."
Barnes said that 2018 was the third year for the art center's Soup in Your Bowl fundraiser and money raised goes towards art classes at the center, support for commissioned galleries and exhibits, and other events at the art center. Five types of soup (chili, chicken noodle, taco, butternut squash and potato) were available to guests who came in and were able to pick and then eat out of their own special ceramic soup bowl. They then took the bowls home with them.
"We actually have some people who come every year to get a bowl to ad to their collection," Barnes said. "We even had some out-of-town individuals who sent someone else in to pick up a bowl for them because they couldn't make it."
It takes at least a month to get all the bowls made for the Soup in Your Bowl event, and Barnes (who has a background in ceramic arts) is the main potter, though she has help from others at different stages.
"First we form the pot from raw clay and it is fired," she said. "Most of the bowls are made on the potter's wheel here, but some are made other ways."
After the first firing, a glaze is selected and applied, and the bowls are fired again. All of the labor and supplies are donated so that donations made for the final products go directly to the art center.
Those who would like to get a soup bowl may visit the art center at 204 W. Wisconsin Ave., Greensburg, Kansas, or call 620-723-2600. The center is open Monday - Wednesday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. or Thursday and Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
"The best part of this project is just watching to see what people pick out," Barnes said. "Everyone's taste is different and that's the fun part, seeing what catches peoples eye and what kind of bowl they would like to eat their soup from."
The 5.4.7 Arts Center is the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum building in Kansas. It is highly energy efficient and is only the 67th building in the United States approved as LEED Platinum. The name 5.4.7 comes from the date the tornado devastated Greensburg, Kansas: May 4, 2007, after which the arts center was built.