New business in Greensburg, Flowing Energy Massage, may help others relieve stress.

Sandra Jennings has taken a hobby and is starting up a new business in Greenburg called
Flowing Energy Massage. She has turned her home into an oasis of relaxation and serenity for
anyone needing to destress and unwind.
With her one horse, two goats and two cats, Sandra Jennings and her husband packed
their bags and made the move to Greensburg last June. Jennings is a native to the Harper and
Barber Co. area and knew that home was where her heart was.
“We moved here because of the answer we were given to specific prayer,” said Jennings.
They came to the Southcentral Kansas area last January in hopes to find a new home that
would suit their needs and allowing them to keep their animals close. After searching the Gyp
Hill and around the Sharon, Kansas area, Jennings hometown, they settled on the outside city
limits of Greensburg.
“Being outside of the city limits allows us to have the animals we want and the space to
have them,” said Jennings.
Following her desire to learn the art of healing, Jennings became a certified massage
therapist graduating from Northern New Mexico College. She is also licensed in First Aid and
“I don't do massage as a job,” said Jennings. “It is my hobby, of sorts.”
Jennings enjoys using her massage skills to help people who are in need of healing and
stress relief. She offers Swedish and hot stone massages, chair massage modalities, and some
reflexology.  Jennings has a preferred technic of massage called Spontaneous Muscle Release
Technique (SMRT).
SMRT is very gentle and great for those with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, clients who are
moderately ticklish or not as fond of a more rigorous technique.  It will reach deep into the
tissues to release issues like tension, stress and misalignment without the pain.
“Some have claimed that I don't give "good massage" because SMRT is so gentle,” said
Additionally, Jennings does chair massages and will even come to the client’s location,
not just at her house. Chair massage is unique technique due to the 30 minute time limit. Any
longer than that and the client will not be alert enough to function well. This is expected because
of the extreme level of relaxation.

“Your brain has to keep a part of it active when you are in the chair because you’re sitting
on a chair and not totally supported by a massage table,” said Jennings. “More than 30 minutes
in a chair and the part of the brain that keeps your balance, etc. gets relaxed also.”
Flowing Energy Massage is located on 1208 S. Oak St., directly south of the football
field. Clients interested in making an appointment can contact Jennings through phone or text at
505-412- 0700 or email at