Sales tax revenues were just over the budget estimate for 2017. Pam Reeves is sworn in as a new city commissioner.

Sales tax revenues for 2017 showed a very small amount above the anticipated revenue in the city budget. The one cent sales tax brought in just $148 more than the $85,000 estimated revenue for the 2017 budget, said Greensburg City Manager, Tyler Ludwig.

While the extra revenue wasn't much, it was a positive note to the year end finances.

The sales tax report was part of a very short city commission meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 2.

The city receives revenue from a one cent sales tax. Half goes to repayment on the bond for the Big Well center and half goes into a capital improvement fund, Ludwig said.

Total revenue from the one cent sales tax was ahead of the previous year by about $4,000. The previous amount was $81, 475.

Besides the sales tax information, the city commission passed a waiver for General Accepted Accounting Principals. This allows the city to operate on a cash based accounting system. This is a common practice for the city but the waiver has to be approved every year.

The commission also reviewed land bank activities and there were four properties sold during 2017.

Future commission meetings will focus on the new airport, economic development in the industrial park and further development at the new swimming pool.

The Jan. 2 agenda was very short and the meeting only lasted about 15 minutes.

As part the commission business, new and returning elected commissioners were sworn-in. Two current commissioners, Matt Christenson and Haley Kern were sworn in after being re-elected to the commission in the November 2017 election. Also sworn in was new commission member Pam Reeves. Reeves is a former city treasurer who retired about two years ago. She joins the commission to serve along side Christenson, Kern, Mark Trummel and Sandy Jungemann.