Jeff and Alesa Miller hold an annual Christmas open house in Greensburg, but this year an extra surprise was a wedding proposal (and acceptance) amid the holiday cheer.

One year a child threw up all the way down the hallway, but this year the surprise at Jeff and Alesa Miller's annual Christmas open house was something a little more exiting. Special "bonus" son of the Miller's, Dylan Kaltenbach, asked his girlfriend, Joselyn Blue, to marry him. And she said yes.
"It seem like something exciting always happens and we just love that," said Alesa Miller. "With the wedding proposal it all happened so fast. He got down on his knees and before we could get the video camera out, it was all over with."
But the memories created when friends and family gather together for the holiday never fade away. And the Miller's are thrilled and honored to have been the site of such a special event, and even happier to have been able to share their blessings with friends and family in Greensburg.
"I've been having an annual Christmas open house since we moved here four years ago," Miller said. "Before that we entertained for 20 years or more on the holidays. It's just a gift for us to share with our church and community. We invite friends to invite friends. The more the merrier. It's just a blessing to share the holiday spirit."
Jeff Miller is the pastor of Greensburg's Lighthouse Worship Center and has been in ministry since 1989. His wife, Alesa, has always been by his side, welcoming and inviting others to share in the love of Christ.
"I've just always enjoyed Christmas parties," Alesa said. "We try to have a different theme each year. This year it was just fun and crazy with neon Christmas lights and green, pink and purple colors."
The Christmas tree was decorated with huge purple and green filmy bows and corresponding colored lights, while a pink flamingo stood nearby under a mantle of plastic candy garlands that came from Miller's parent's tree 29 years ago.
A miniature train set served as the centerpiece on a treat table laden with goodies from traditional Christmas cookies to Baklava, a sweet Mediterranean dessert made from phyllo dough stacked with honey and nuts. Cakes, cheese balls, cheese dips, crackers and finger meats rounded out the festive food choices.
"I like to try something new every year, so this was the first year we tried the Baklava. It was really good," Miller said.
She also said this was the first year someone had ever proposed at the Christmas open house, making it a very special occasion.
"We just love Dylan and Jocelyn so much and are so happy for them," she said. "What a very special way to start off the Christmas season."
The Miller family is known to also host an annual football Super Bowl party each year.