Bob Dixson, mayor of Greensburg, has been instrumental in bringing V.O.L.T, a nation-wide leadership academy, to his town in Kiowa County, Kansas.

For the second consecutive year, the V.O.L.T. Leadership program is hosting a selection of its program in Greensburg, Kansas. Greensburg is one of four stops for this conference, specifically focusing on the leadership development. The conference takes place December 3rd through the 5th.
Mayor Bob Dixon helped to bring this conference to Greensburg after meeting some of the individuals associated with the leadership program.
“I made a presentation about Greensburg and the recovery, and they loved the story,” said Dixon. “Last year was their first year here and it will probably be an on-going thing.”
The V.O.L.T. Leadership program is a conference where members from the National Electrical Contractors Association and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Works get together and attend different programs that help develop their relationships between the management and labor sides of their industry. Attendees are from all over the United States.
The conference starts in Ann Arbor City, Michigan, then moves to Greensburg, next to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and finishes back at Ann Arbor City throughout this one year program. During this process, attendees work on several different skill sets, but while in Greenburg they will focus strictly on developing leadership skills.
While in Greensburg, they will attend several workshops covering topics from public speaking to building leadership qualities. These workshops are administered by outside facilitators.
Bringing part of the V.O.L.T. Leadership program to Greensburg creates opportunities not only for the community, but for all of south central Kansas. Dixon said there will be a large economic impact for Greensburg during the conference.
“They are using the theater, they are using the motel, and they are eating in town.” “They are doing everything right here”
Dixon also looks at this opportunity as a great public relations plug for both Greensburg and southcentral Kansas. The conference is bringing individuals from all over the United States and shows them who we are in this area. This section of the conferences tells the story of Greensburg and its continued recovery.
“It’s beneficial for people all over the United States to get past some of their preconceived ideas of what rural America is,” said Dixon.