Andy Kimble won the Mullinville Mayor race by 36 votes to Tom Daniels 29 votes. Dennis McKinney took the hospital board race by a landslide with 296 votes to 78 for opponent Debbie Price. All election results are unofficial until the county commissioners canvass the ballots.

The results of the Nov. 7 election in Kiowa County are unofficial until the County Commissioners canvass the ballots and report the official numbers.

The unofficial results for Kiowa County:

* Winner

Kiowa County Hospital Board-1 position:

Dennis McKinney-296 *

Debbie Price-78

Write-in votes:

Carol Fast, Doris Ferguson-1 vote each.

Greensburg City Council-3 positions.

Haley Kern-92 *

Matt Christenson-91 *

Pamela Reeves-65 *

Rick Shaffer-63

Levy Murray-31

Write-in votes:

Charles Toner, Chance Little, Gary Goodman, Erica Goodman, Ken McMahon, Ronald Shank-1 vote each.

Haviland City Council-3 positions:

Kay Unruh-101 *

Brooke Starnes-81 *

Michelle Murray-66 *

Write-in votes:

Brad Lingafelter-2

Jim Borzek, Kathleen Blair, John Fast, Joseph Tuttle, Chuck Townsend, Jon Folkerts, Jay Jones, C.D. Finch, Nathan James, Matthew Ballard, Cyndee Tuttle, Sabrina Freeman-1 vote each.

Mullinville City Council-5 positions:

Dee McDonald-58 *

Darin Einsel-52 *

Sharilyn Hall-44 *

Tom Daniels-39 *

Jarold Boehme-31 *

Write-in votes

Todd Alexander-6

Andrew Kimble-5

Nicole Cooper-3

Thomas Cooper-2

J.C. Underwood, Leslie Roberts, Dave Moyer, Matt Sarber, Scott Brown, Hanery Brensing, Mike Pico, Todd Dean, Jim Tracy, Amanda Gilchrist, Ron Clayton, Paul Kendall-1 vote each.

Mullinville Mayor:

Andy Kimble-36 *

Tom Daniels-29

USD 422 School Board-3 positions:

Cory Zenger-196 *

Sue Ann Greenleaf-193 *

Tony Rhodes-181 *

Write-in votes:

Dennis McKinney, Jerry Bubba Little, Chance Little, Paul Kendall, John Rose, Steven Brown-1 vote each.

USD 474 School Board-3 positions:

Amanda Koger-64 *

Shelby Kendall-61 *

Nathan James-52 *

Write-in votes:

Cyndee Tuttle-11

Brockie Fallell-2

Brian Whitney, Denny Ross, Susan Lothman, Jerry Simmons, Joyce Bryan, Paul Carner, Karen Kroger, Rose Jacks, Dann Shaffer-1 vote each.

USD 300 School Board-4 positions:

Andrew Uhl-2 *

Nathan Huck-2 *

Kelly Herd-2 *

Andi Dale-1 *

Write-in votes 0