Happy Camper Cabins will open in December and provide visitors to Greensburg with a unique place to stay.

Happy Camper Cabins are coming soon to Greensburg, Kansas. For Chamber president Jill Eller, and husband Scott, recently took advantage of an opportunity to purchase several small cabins and came up with the idea of creating a unique place for people to bring their families to camp. Their dream has evolved into the Happy Camper Cabins and RV hook-ups, located on 504 N. Bay Street in Greensburg with a nice view of the lake.
“We’ve seen these in Colorado and different park areas so once they are all set we would like to plant more trees to help with shade and feel more like a country area,” said Eller. “I just love that feeling of Colorado and we can have a little piece of that here.”
The Eller’s have always thought it would be fun to have an RV park in Greensburg. When the opportunity to purchase the cabins came up and it was a perfect match. The cabins will be available for nightly, weekly or monthly rentals. Ten RV sports will also be available. The Eller’s envision this spot to host family reunions, catered events and even offer paddle boats at the lake.
“I can see a lot of things that would be fun to help draw people to Greensburg with it,” said Eller.
Each cabin will be one room with a bathroom and be fully equipped with a shower, window air unit and electric fireplace. Each cabin will have at least two beds varying from a king size to a double and a twin. Eller wants to have accommodate any size family or group. Plans to add bunk beds down are also in the works. There will also be a larger commons cabin, with a full kitchen, television and possibly internet service, that can used as a gathering place for hunters, weddings, or reunions.
“The cabins are placed in a “U” so we can have a fire pit in the middle for cooking and a gathering place,” said Eller. “There will be a cement slab in the middle with picnic tables and plenty of room for outdoor activities.”
Eller expects the cabins to be ready by December but they have not yet determined rental prices.  There will be a website for people to create a reservation and it will show which days, weeks or months are available.
“We have already had phone calls,” said Eller. “If we had a definite date it would be a lot easier but it’s hard to advertise until I know for sure.”
The Happy Camper Cabins originally came from Cunningham. Moving them to Greensburg was a big undertaking, but one that now opens the door to benefits for the local community and the new owners.