A new ATM is now available at Greensburg State Bank and its popularity is growing.

Customers at the Greensburg State Bank have a new service to help fulfill their banking and financial needs. The bank has a new ATM machine at the bank at 240 South Main Street in Greensburg.

The new machine went into service on Wednesday, July 12, and every day a few more people take advantage of this addition to State Bank services, said Chris Ballard, senior vice president and branch manager.

Like anything else that's new, it takes a while for people to get accustomed to it but with time, people will utilize it more and more.

The ATM is a free service to Greensburg State Bank customers but there is a fee for non-customers.

The ATM is one of three recent additional services for State Bank customers. There is a new mobil phone application that can now be downloaded to a phone that will allow customers to get up to date account information, do transfers, get account balance alerts and other services.

Also available now is Internet banking that will allow customers to tie into regular bank services and bill pay that State Bank has not had before, Ballard said.

Greensburg State Bank is a branch bank of SJN Bank of Kansas with main offices in St. John. Branch banks are also located in Macksville and Hudson.