The Kiowa County High School Lady Mavericks defeated the Lady Spearville Lancers 56-34 in their Jan. 6 home game.

“This was definitely a defensive game for us where we definitely buckled down,” Coach Thomas Derstein said after the game. “We knew who we had to shut down and every committed to that game plan and did it.”

Janessa Zenger made the first basket in the game and kept up the momentum, leading the team in points scored. Zenger scored 6 2-point shots, 1 three-point shot and made two free throws.

“She’s just tough to replace,” Derstein said.

Alex McVey scored the second highest number of points. McVey scored 12 points – all 2-point shots.

Brecken VandenHoek scored 11 points with 4 2-point shots and 1 3-point shot.

The Lady Mavericks were only up four points at the end of the first quarter. At half time, the Lady Maverics were ahead 29-19.

“It’s always tough coming out of a break because you’re not sure what they’re going to do after all the wait,” Derstein said.

Details about the Lady Mavericks Jan. 10 game against Pawnee-Heights-Rozel were unavailable at press time.

The Lady Mavericks play Kinsley at their homecoming game Jan. 13.