The Kiowa County Commission had a short meeting Thursday, Dec. 29.

County Sheriff Chris Tedder talked about the problem of losing staff to counties that can afford to pay them higher wages.

“The ones leaving now, I don’t blame them,” Tedder said. “They’re good employees, but they want bigger and better.”

County Attorney Scott James brought up the idea of giving new hires housing subsidies of $5,000 with the stipulation that if they do not stay for five years, they would have to pay it back.

“If you offer an incentive like that, it would be a disincentive to leave,” he said.

In other business:

• County Superintendent of Roads Jay Schmidt talked to the commissioners about the need for a new road grader.

The commission approved a lease agreement of $20,972.74 for seven years for a road grader.

County EMS Director Rosa Spainhour asked for an encumbrance of $15,474.08 for the department. Commissioners approved her request.

• County Administrative Services Director Matt Christensen talked to the commission about replacing light fixtures in the courthouse with LED lights, which would only need to be replaced once every 23 years and save the county $1,501.50 annually.

•The commission gave Christensen approval to purchase 78 lights from Home and Lumber for $88 per fixture.