The Hesston Swathers will host Kingman Friday night, the first meeting of the two teams since 2013 when Hesston won in come-from-behind fashion.


This matchup will feature a 2-3 Swather team taking on a 3-2 Kingman. Hesston will look to team leader Zach Esau again — though this time the headline making quarterback will be asked to lead the defense.

Peyton and Gage Pickering are who have stood out on film for Kingman. — namely Peyton. The senior has more than 633 rushing yards thus far this season out of a flexbone offense.

“We have been exposed to that quite a bit in our league and over the years,” said Clint Rider, head coach for the Swather. “They like to get the ball to the edge and get the ball outside, that is something they have shown quite a bit. They like to get it into the hands of their speedy backs.”

Esau and Zach Vogt are at safety for the Swathers, and this week will be key to keeping the Kingman offense in check with run support for the Swathers front seven.

 “They are really good, they do a great job for us. I call them the showstoppers,” Rider said. “We ask a lot of our safeties. We ask a lot of them when it comes to run support. Our corners will have to do a good job too. Teams like to spread us out and … isolate our corners.”

At corner for  Hesston are Tanner Bachman and Trevor Koehn.

Hesston has rushed for about 150 yards per game this season, while passing for about 180 — putting up more than 300 yards of total offense per game this season. Kingman, on the other hand, has put up just over 200 yards per game — nearly all of it on the ground.

Game time is 7 p.m. in Hesston Oct. 7.