BURRTON — Roster shakups and realignments have been a part of nearly every game that the Burrton Chargers have played this season — injuries, players moving to other schools and  ineligibilities have led to a roster rebuild every week.


This week is no different. The team started the season with 17 players — this week 12 will be in uniform.


“Half our team is playing positions they are not used to,” Jensen said.


A week ago Burrton was trying the team's fourth center this season — the first two centers suffered injuries. The third struggled in his first game — snapping the ball over the quarterback's head on his first attempt. That led to center number four coming in: senior Dawson Ryan.


“He thinks he is a tight end,” Jensen said. “I told him he had to play center. He came in and we had a perfect night from center after that.”


He is, however, needed as a tight end — and not only for his blocking abilities. Ryan has been catching the ball this season as well.


Kyle Boyle, a sophomore, will move into the center spot this week — returning from a neck injury.


“Last year I was kind of arrogant, I thought I could make anyone a center,” Jensen said. “I had two guys playing center who had never played there before. We had all kinds of problems with the exchange. This year I wanted to make sure that we had someone that was good.”


Boyle has been taking all the snaps at that spot in practice.


This week Boyle will center a line that will be missing what Jensen said was one of the team's top linemen, who is ineligble to play. This Friday two freshmen will start on the line.


The Chargers will take on South Haven, a team coming to Harvey County with a 1-4 record.


“They are in a similar situation that we are, they have some hurt players,” Jensen said. “The thing is, they are four years removed from a state championship game. They are pretty salty.”


Game time Friday night is set for 7 p.m.