In anticipation of the Kansas City Chiefs making an appearance in the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years, The Topeka Capital-Journal hit the streets to find out who is a Chiefs fan and how well they actually know their favorite team.

The Capital-Journal's Brianna Childers and Evert Nelson strolled Kansas Avenue in downtown Topeka this past week to find Chiefs fans. People who were encountered were asked who their favorite player was, how long they have been a fan, their favorite Chiefs memory and what they predict the final score will be for Sunday night's game against the San Fransisco 49ers.

How long have you been a Chiefs fan?

Mark Davis: Since I moved here in 1985.

Brett Bitner: Since I moved to Kansas City when I was 14.

Tom Mock: About 25 years.

Who is your favorite Kansas City Chiefs player?

Tom Kenney: Patrick Mahomes. Lenny D wasn't bad, though.

Davis: Tyreek Hill. You just don't know what's going to happen when he gets the ball.

Bitner: It would have to be Mr. Mahomes. The kid's a stud and he's a class act at the same time. He's got all this potential. He's probably the best player in the league. He's (24) years old, and he's got nowhere to go but up and he's showing everybody else how to do it.

Mock: Nick Lowery. He was so dependable.

Sabrina Robinson: Travis Kelce.

Heather Calderwood: Mahomie all the way.

What's your favorite Chiefs memory?

Calderwood: We just grew up as Chiefs fans. We always had one of those little troll dolls from the 1980s with a little Chiefs outfit, and we always had to rub his belly and he sat right there on the TV for every game and they won most of the times. I still have that troll doll and I pull it out for these events.

Kenney: Watching them win this last game to get to the Super Bowl.

Davis: A scramble play last year when Mahomes was running to the sideline, and he just heaved it up in the middle of the road and Hill went and got it, and took off with it.

Bitner: Probably going to the Patriots game in my 20s, and it was 32 and freezing rain. I wouldn't say it's my favorite, but it's the most memorable for sure.

Mock: When we beat the Denver Broncos about 15 years ago.

Robinson: Probably Tony Gonzalez getting inducted into the Hall of Fame because he's my all-time favorite.

What is your score prediction for the Super Bowl?

Kenney: Chiefs win 27-24.

Davis: I think about 42-35 with Chiefs winning.

Bitner: I'm going to take to the Chiefs about 31-28.

Mock: Total score less than 40 points and a spread of 4.5 with Chiefs winning.