At 730 S.E. Croco Road lives a Chiefs fan like no other.

That fan is Patsi Mahomes, a lawn goose — and Kansas City native — donning Chiefs gear hand-sewn by its owner.

"It's really gotten to be quite the novelty over in our neighborhood," said Hal Richardson, husband of Cathy Richardson, the mastermind behind the decorated goose.

According to Hal, Cathy was gifted the goose about three years ago. It came from one of Hal's friends who lives in Kansas City. The goose originally belonged to the friend's mother, who had owned the goose for decades.

"She passed away, and he gave it to my wife," Hal said. "And we sat it out in the yard.

"And my wife," he added, "she's just a rural girl. She was born and raised down in Osage City, and her mother was a seamstress."

Cathy inherited a love for sewing from her mother. When the Richardsons received the goose, Cathy began sewing various costumes for it. She has one for Valentine's Day, a bridal gown for wedding season, a Fourth of July outfit, St. Patrick's Day gear — the list goes on.

"We have passersby always stop and take pictures," Hal said. "We've gotten letters in the mail. We've had little kids come up to the door and knock."

The Chiefs' Super Bowl run inspired Cathy to stitch a new outfit — a red and gold nod to her favorite professional football team and its star quarterback.

"I've been a lifelong Chiefs fan, and I'm old enough to where I recall when they went to their very first Super Bowl," Hal said. "My wife — she's the same age. She's just a diehard, her entire family — so that's what prompted her to sew up a costume."

The goose's real name is Alice, which was the name of the mother of the friend who gifted Cathy the goose. But "Patsi Mahomes" seemed like an appropriate nickname for the Chiefs-laden figure.

"(Cathy) fabricated that just a couple weeks ago and dressed her up as Patsi Mahomes, along with a little black wig on it," Hal said.

"We've got every costume imaginable for that girl," he added.