After the FCC voted yesterday to roll back the Obama-era regulations surrounding Net Neutrality, the men of late night were ready to roll out all their best jokes on the subject. The decision dominated the discourse last night, with every host taking full advantage of the opportunity to mock the vote.

Seth Meyers devoted his energies to making fun of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's inexplicably, notoriously enormous coffee mug and his fondness of the words "light touch" to describe his preferred regulatory framework, while Jimmy Kimmel called the vote "despicable" and lambasted both Pai and President Trump for empowering corporations to dominate the internet.

Meanwhile, The Late Show's Stephen Colbert bemoaned the death of the free and open internet from a more personal perspective: his beloved artisanal sleeve store will never get off the ground now.

"So now a big player like Google can make their site load faster than a smaller player like Etsy," he said, "which is bad news for my Etsy shop, Steve's Sleeves. Some people sell shirts with the sleeves cut off; Steve's sells sleeves with the shirts cut off!"

Truly, the loss of Steve's Sleeves may well be the greatest tragedy to stem from this congressional act. Check out a couple of the best Net Neutrality bits from latenight below.

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