Kiowa County Administrative Services Director Matt Christensen went before the county commission during its June 6 meeting and talked about the local hospital’s revenue bond and where to build a storage facility for the county’s records.

The Kiowa County Memorial Hospital Board and County Commission are co-signers on the bond. Christensen said with extra payment on interest, the bond could be paid off in 2042 rather than 2049.

Christenson also mentioned four possible locations to build a storage facility to store old county records – the fairgrounds, which are owned by the county; 119 W. Morton; the 360 block of South Oak and land north of the courthouse owned by Mitzi Hessner.

The fairgrounds are zoned as industrial property and there is no other property owners within 200 feet that would have to be notified but it would not be convenient due to the distance from the courthouse, Christensen said.

Commissioners expressed interest in Hessner’s land which is currently zoned as village residential. The property would have to be re-zoned as commercial.

The commission directed Christenson to work with County Attorney Scott James and Hessner to have the property re-zoned and for ownership to be transferred to the county.

In other business:

• Kiowa County Sheriff Chris Tedder told commissioners about the need to buy new sheriff’s department vehicles because some have a lot of mileage and require more mileage.

Tedder also said it was time to renew the department’s contract with Southwest Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Reno County and he wanted to get out of the contract and find another center to contract with due to the rates Southwest Regional is charging.

The commission approved dropping the contract.

• Grant Neuhold, creative director of the Kiowa County Media Center, requested $40,000 in its budget for Fiscal Year 2017. Last year the media center requested $45,000 and was granted $40,000. Commissioners complimented Neuhold on keeping the budget down. Nearly every member of the center’s board of directors was at the meeting.

“We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t think this was a good organization,” board member Adam Wagner said. “An investment in these people is far better than anyone would’ve ever imagined.”

The county commission is taking department requests and will not set budgets until July.

• Heather Coyne, executive director of Kiowa County Media Center requested $50,000 for the center.