When Greensburg residents stop by City Hall to pay a bill, they have an opportunity to express their views on a particular subject by writing on the wall.

A place has been made available on a window in City Hall for people to write in erasable marker their answers to the question, “How do you feel about having chickens within city limits?”

It is a question the Greensburg City Council has been pondering. The issue was discussed at a recent City Council meeting, but having no feedback from the public, the council opted to table the discussion, rather than make a decision.

“We want to engage citizens at all levels of the decision making process,” said City Administrator Kyler Ludwig. “We want to get their input prior to a decision being made.”

The city will keep the question about chickens up for awhile. Possibly in a month, a new question will be posted for residents to weigh in on.

“We want the conversation to keep changing,” Ludwig said.

Written comments by the public do not have to be complimentary toward City Council, but the city does want to keep discourse civil.

“Citizens have every right to complain,” Ludwig said. “As long as it’s on topic, not obscene or offensive to any particular individual, it stays up. We want to make sure we’re discussing, not calling names.”

If the “citizen engagement” approach is successful at City Hall, the city may post questions at other locations, such as the post office, where people are going about their daily routines.

“It’s not that decisions are being made based on the board but it’s a way to engage people in the decisions that are being made,” Ludwig said.


• “Chickens are quiet, sustainable and adorable.”

• “Not everyone would take care of them. Then what? City’s problem.”

• “Chickens are organic gardeners. They eat bugs, compost leftovers, turn the soil and fertilize.”

• “Permits for $5 subject to inspections for cleanliness and health.”