August 3
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Word of the Day
germane juhr-MAYN adjective; Appropriate or fitting; relevant. —

This Day in History
Aug. 3, 1921: A day after they were acquitted by a Chicago court, Major League Baseball Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis orders a lifetime ban for all members of the Chicago White Sox (collectively known as the Black Sox) who were accused of conspiring to throw the 1919 World Series.

Number to Know
8: The number of Chicago White Sox players accused of taking part in the conspiracy to throw the 1919 World Series. Of those, only one, third baseman Buck Weaver, was never accused of taking money; he was banned for knowing of the plan and not speaking up.

Website of the Day: The Black Sox
Chicago Historical Society page on the Black Sox scandal and 1919 World Series.

Today’s Featured Birthday
James Hetfield, American singer-songwriter and guitarist, 51.

Daily Quote
“I wanted to make noise, not study theory.” — James Hetfield