Utah bull rider Tim Bingham just saw his lead in the inaugural Dodge City Roundup PRCA Xtreme Bulls even disappear when California's Jordan Spears recorded an 89 on Kojak in the 10-man short go.

The loss of the lead didn't phase Bingham as he closed out the event with an 85.5 points on Swamp Doggy to claim the title and make history as the first Xtreme Bulls champion at Roundup Arena.

"It pumped me up," Bingham said. "I like to see good rides before me. I have to get into the zone whenever it comes down to your turn, but since he was before me, I was able to watch him and was able to zone in and get pumped up at the same time."

Bingham and Spears were the only two bull riders to record two scores in the event. Bingham finished with 171.5 points after riding Centerfold for 86 points in the first round of 40 riders to take the lead. Only five riders recorded a score after eight seconds on their bulls.

Bingham said he was excited about getting on Swamp Doggy to close out the event and earn his title.

"Both bulls fit me really good," Bingham said. "The short run bull is one everybody would love to draw because he gets rode and people win money on him."

Spears had earned a 74 in the first round and also felt fortunate about the bull he drew for the short go. Spears finished with 163 points and felt happy just to win money towards the World standings.

"He bucks and he's one that kind of helps you stay on there," Spears said. "It felt good as he went around my left hand. I just spun on him a little bit and it felt good that I was able to get a good ride.

"This time of year, all the money if it counts in the standings are not will help. Every little bit helps."

It still wasn't as big as Bingham being able to get the win in the first Xtreme Bulls event. He was still in awe a little bit after getting the belt buckle symbolizing his win.

"It feels pretty good," Bingham said. "It's one of my bigger titles and it's my first in Xtreme Bulls and what a title to win. It's an awesome feeling."


(At Roundup Arena)

First go: 1. Tim Bingham, 86, $1,507.57. 2. Tate Stratton, 81.5, $1,181.88. 3. Triston Boor, 76, $902.88. 4. Jordan Spears, 74, $623.50. 5. Ty Wallace, 69, $437,38,

Short go: 1. Jordan Spears, 89, $1,675.08. 2. Tim Bingham, 85.5, $1,426.92.

Average: (On two head) 1. Tim Bingham, 171.5, $2,326.50. 2. Jordan Spears, 163, $1,783.65. (on one head) 3. Tate Stratton, 81.5, $1,318.35. 4. Triston Boor, 76, $853.05. 5. Ty Wallace, 69, $542.85.