Unique Butler County home to be auctioned this Saturday

It has been called the best kept secret in the area – but not any longer.

A unique berm home is up for auction and the owners have been receiving a lot of interest in the home, which was constructed from steel round tanks.

"Most people have driven by 20 years and never knew anything was down here or they knew there was a house but had never seen it," said Melody Gillan, who owns the house with her husband Mark.

The home was built in 1989 by Charlie Huff, who owned a termite business in town.

Huff used dynamite to create the hole for the house, as well as a nearby pond, telling the neighbors he was tired of tornadoes.

"He set the tanks, then poured cement," explained Melody, as she pointed out areas of the house where he cut the tanks to make windows or doorways. This created rounded ceilings and walls in all of the rooms.

After that he covered it with dirt and planted grass. The home is level with Haverhill Road, with only some boulders leading up to the house marking its location.

In the bathroom the rivets of the tank show through the ceiling. It also has a wood burning stove and a skylight in the living room.

There also is a garage that will fit four cars, also underground.

The entire house was built by Huff.

The Gillans moved to the house seven years ago after their house in El Dorado burned down.

"I looked through that window (in the living room) and saw that wall and said we would take it," she recalled.

"It just amazes me when you drive down the driveway how isolated it is," Mark said.

"It really is your own little paradise," Melody said, "peaceful, serene and beautiful. This definitely is like a stay-cation place."

Now the Gillans are moving to Mississippi, so the house is up for auction.

People will have the opportunity to see the home at the auction on Saturday. The auction will begin at 10 a.m. at 7496 SW Haverhill Rd., and will be conducted by Korte Real Estate and Auction Service.