Jack Younger had reason to smile Wednesday.

Jack Younger had reason to smile Wednesday.

The second-year Butler Community College student earned a $1,000 scholarship from the Kansas Surveying Society. He will earn an additional $1,000 in the spring, provided he maintains the required GPA.

In the past, smaller awards in the $200 to $400 range were given to students. However, those in the surveying program decided instead to give students the money up front, if they are enrolled in the surveying program.

Younger, 21, was given the scholarship during a small celebration in the 5000 building of Butler in Andover. Aside from adjunct professors in Butler's surveying program, Butler's new president, Kimberly Krull, also attended the celebration to congratulate Younger.

The group talked for about 15 minutes about the surveying program, which has been around since 2008.

"We're trying constantly to promote the program," surveying instructor Roger Cutsinger said.

In addition, the topic of internships provided by Butler was discussed.

"When you can bring that real-life experience into the classroom, it's great," Krull said after Younger said he had helped his cousin do surveying for about three weeks.

When they finished talking, the group moved to another room to give Younger his scholarship award. Younger was all smiles as he accepted his check and a certificate congratulating him for the scholarship win.

"It feels pretty good to have this money," he said.

Younger said Cutsinger told him about the scholarship in class, and he casually applied for it, not really expecting to earn it.

"I told all the students about it, and (he) was really the only one who did anything for it," Cutsinger said.

Younger will live in Butler's student housing in the fall, and will take some classes in El Dorado and in Andover. He plans to finish his schooling this next school year, and then plans to enter the workforce as a surveyor.