Some windy thoughts on a windy Kansas summer day.

Wind is familiar to us out here on the Great Plains. Lately, it has been reinforcing its presence by shaking shutters, knocking on windows and sides of homes, and rattling wind chimes.

No matter your opinion about the wind it will still be blowing long after you and I have “shuffled off this mortal coil,” to quote an old English author.

There is a saying heard at times on Biking Across Kansas: “The wind is your friend.” That is, a tailwind pushes you toward your destination, the next town. A crosswind cools you down. Conversely, pedaling into a 30+ mph headwind brings to mind a description often used by the younger generation: when it’s that windy, the wind is a more like a “frenemy.”

If you live in Kansas, a south wind is probably your best friend. Walking into a moderate south wind is like heading to the home of an old friend. It’s familiar and comforting; amidst life’s changes, we can always count on a summer south wind. Yes, it often brings storms and can be destructive, but we all have good memories of time spent out in the south wind.

When the wind blows for days on end and you’re tiring of it, consider this quote from Buffalo Bill Cody in response to a friend’s complaint about the Wyoming wind. “You know where those winds come from? Well, this country is so close to paradise you can feel the breezes from heaven. The wind comes from the angels' wings. When they flap their wings, the wind comes right down this valley." That’s as true in Kansas as it is in Wyoming.